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Inventiveness and quality are a must for Panacea, have a dig through our products and see for yourself! Get inspired to re-imagine your garden whether its indoors or outdoors.

professional growers hanging basket

Professional Growers Hanging Basket

arch with gate

Arch With Gate

garden edge with finial

Garden Edge With Finial

scroll arch

Scroll Arch

perching bird pot trellis

Perching Bird Pot Trellis

chelsea fence

Chelsea Fence With Swivel Foot

rooster weathervane obelisk

Rooster Weathervane Obelisk

scroll and ivy three tier plant stand

Scroll And Ivy Three Tier Plant Stand

large combo feeder

Large Combo Feeder

park lane fence

Park Lane Fence

classic finial fence

Classic Finial Fence

contemporary pot trellis

Contemporary Pot Trellis

perching bird garden edge

Perching Bird Garden Edge

scalloped landscape edge

Scalloped Landscape Edge

perching birds trellis

Perching Bird Trellis

gothic arch garden edge

Gothic Arch Garden Edge

forged fan trellis with leaves

Forged Fan Trellis With Leaves

straight edge

Straight Edge

armilliary obelisk

Armillary Obelisk

heavy duty fleur de lys hanging basket

Heavy Duty Fleur De Lys Hanging Basket

arched top arch

Arched Top Arch

scroll and ivy pot trellis topper

Scroll And Ivy Pot Trellis Topper

classic finial three tier plant stand

Classic Finial Three Tier Plant Stand

scroll two tier plant stand

Scroll Two Tier Plant Stand

contemporary trellis

Contemporary Trellis

three section lattice arbour

Three Section Lattice Arbour

lattice arch with bench

Lattice Arch With Bench

sea grass hanging basket

Sea Grass Hanging Basket

copper bird feeder

Copper Bird Feeder

cotswold hanging basket

Cotswold Hanging Basket

victorian lattice trellis

Victorian Lattice Trellis

gothic fence

Gothic Fence

triple arch fence other

Triple Arch


Fernery Plant Stand

three tier folding chalk board plant stand

Three Tier Folding Chalk Board Plant Stand

flat iron hanging basket

Flat Iron Hanging Basket

essential bird feeding station

Essential Bird Feeding Station

forged border with leaves

Forged Border With Leaves

larger seeder garden feeder with suet cages

Large Seeder Garden Feeder With Suet Cages

finial landscape edge

Finial Landscape Edge

french arch trellis with finials

French Arch Trellis With Finials

brushed copper nyjer feeder

Brushed Copper Nyjer Feeder

ten piece bird feeding arch

Ten Piece Bird Feeding Station

gothic flat top arch

Gothic Flat Top Arch

classic finial garden edge

Classic Finial Garden Edge

french country three tier plant stand

French Country Three Tier Plant Stand

tall finial top three tier plant stand

Tall Finial Top Three Tier Plant Stand

classic finial hanging basket

Classic Finial Hanging Basket

windmill obelisk

Windmill Obelisk

triple arch fence

Triple Arch Fence

classic finial two tier plant stand

Classic Finial Two Tier Plant Stand

resin woven wicker hanging basket

Resin Woven Wicker Hanging Basket

contemporary square hanging basket

Contemporary Square Hanging Basket

going green wren house

Going Green Wren House

perching birds obelisk

Perching Birds Obelisk

fan pot trellis

Fan Pot Trellis

aztec sun pot trellis

Aztec Sun Pot Trellis